FST2VCD(1) Filetype Conversion FST2VCD(1)

fst2vcd - Converts FST files to VCD

fst2vcd [option]... [FSTFILE]

Converts FST files to VCD files. If an output filename is not specified, the VCD is emitted to stdout.

Specify FST input filename.
Specify optional VCD output filename.
Emit FST extensions to VCD. Enabling this may create VCD files unreadable by other tools. This is generally intended to be used as a debugging tool when developing FST writer interfaces to simulators.
Display help then exit.

To run this program the standard way type:

The VCD conversion is emitted to stdout.

Anthony Bybell <bybell@rocketmail.com>

vcd2fst(1) gtkwave(1)

3.3.52 Anthony Bybell