EVCD2VCD(1) Filetype Conversion EVCD2VCD(1)

evcd2vcd - Converts EVCD files to VCD files

evcd2vcd [option]... [EVCDFILE]

Converts EVCD files with bidirectional port definitions to VCD files with separate in and out ports.

Specify EVCD input filename.
Show help screen.

Note that you should specify dumpfile.vcd directly or use "-" for stdin.

VCD is emitted to stdout.

Anthony Bybell <bybell@rocketmail.com>

vcd2fst(1) fst2vcd(1) vcd2lxt(1) vcd2lxt2(1) lxt2vcd(1) vcd2vzt(1) vzt2vcd(1) gtkwave(1)

3.2.2 Anthony Bybell