Gtk2::TreeModelSort(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gtk2::TreeModelSort(3)

Gtk2::TreeModelSort - wrapper for GtkTreeModelSort



treemodel = Gtk2::TreeModelSort->new ($child_model)

treemodel = Gtk2::TreeModelSort->new (model => $child_model)

$child_model (Gtk2::TreeModel) The tree model to proxy.

Aliases for "new_with_model". Before Gtk2 1.120, "new" resolved to "Glib::Object::new", which would allow creation of an invalid object if the required property "model" was not supplied.

$child_model (Gtk2::TreeModel)

treeiter = $tree_model_sort->convert_child_iter_to_iter ($child_iter)

$child_iter (Gtk2::TreeIter)

treepath or undef = $tree_model_sort->convert_child_path_to_path ($child_path)

$child_path (Gtk2::TreePath)

treeiter = $tree_model_sort->convert_iter_to_child_iter ($sorted_iter)

$sorted_iter (Gtk2::TreeIter)

treepath or undef = $tree_model_sort->convert_path_to_child_path ($sorted_path)

$sorted_path (Gtk2::TreePath)

$iter (Gtk2::TreeIter)

Since: gtk+ 2.2

'model' (Gtk2::TreeModel : default undef : readable / writable / construct-only / private / static-nick / static-blurb)
The model for the TreeModelSort to sort

Gtk2, Glib::Object

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