Gtk2::TreeDragSource(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gtk2::TreeDragSource(3)

Gtk2::TreeDragSource - wrapper for GtkTreeDragSource


boolean = $drag_source->drag_data_delete ($path)

$path (Gtk2::TreePath)

  • $path (Gtk2::TreePath)
  • $selection_data (Gtk2::SelectionData)

Get selection data from a drag source. The data is written to $selection_data, or if $selection_data is not given then to a newly created Gtk2::SelectionData object with target type "GTK_TREE_MODEL_ROW". On success the return is the given or new object, or on failure the return is undef.

boolean = $drag_source->row_draggable ($path)

$path (Gtk2::TreePath)

Gtk2, Glib::Interface

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