Gtk2::TargetEntry(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gtk2::TargetEntry(3)


# as a HASH
$target_entry = {
    target => 'text/plain', # some string representing the drag type
    flags => [], # Gtk2::TargetFlags
    info => 42,  # some app-defined integer identifier
# as an ARRAY, for compactness
$target_entry = [ $target, $flags, $info ];

A Gtk2::TargetEntry data structure represents a single type of data than can be supplied for by a widget for a selection or for supplied or received during drag-and-drop. It contains a string representing the drag type, a flags field (used only for drag and drop - see Gtk2::TargetFlags), and an application assigned integer ID. The integer ID will later be passed as a signal parameter for signals like "selection_get". It allows the application to identify the target type without extensive string compares.

  • 'same-app' / 'GTK_TARGET_SAME_APP'
  • 'same-widget' / 'GTK_TARGET_SAME_WIDGET'
  • 'other-app' / 'GTK_TARGET_OTHER_APP'
  • 'other-widget' / 'GTK_TARGET_OTHER_WIDGET'

Gtk2, Gtk2::TargetList

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