Gtk2::Statusbar(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gtk2::Statusbar(3)

Gtk2::Statusbar - wrapper for GtkStatusbar



integer = $statusbar->get_context_id ($context_description)

$context_description (string)

$statusbar->set_has_resize_grip ($setting)

$setting (boolean)

Since: gtk+ 2.20

$statusbar->pop ($context_id)

$context_id (integer)

integer = $statusbar->push ($context_id, $text)

  • $context_id (integer)
  • $text (string)

$statusbar->remove ($context_id, $message_id)

  • $context_id (integer)
  • $message_id (integer)

$statusbar->remove_all ($context_id)

$context_id (integer)

Since: gtk+ 2.22

'has-resize-grip' (boolean : default true : readable / writable / private / static-nick / static-blurb)
Whether the statusbar has a grip for resizing the toplevel

'shadow-type' (Gtk2::ShadowType : default "in" : readable / private / static-nick / static-blurb)
Style of bevel around the statusbar text

Gtk2, Glib::Object, Glib::InitiallyUnowned, Gtk2::Object, Gtk2::Widget, Gtk2::Container, Gtk2::Box, Gtk2::HBox

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