Gtk2::SelectionData(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gtk2::SelectionData(3)

Gtk2::SelectionData - wrapper for GtkSelectionData


scalar = $d->get_data

scalar = $d->get_data_type

scalar = $d->get_display

scalar = $d->get_format

  • $type (Gtk2::Gdk::Atom)
  • $format (integer)
  • $data (Glib::UChar)

scalar = $d->get_length

Since: gtk+ 2.6

boolean = $selection_data->set_pixbuf ($pixbuf)

$pixbuf (Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf)

Since: gtk+ 2.6

If $selection_data is not of target type GTK_TREE_MODEL_ROW then the return is an empty list.

boolean = $selection_data->set_row_drag_data ($tree_model, $path)

  • $tree_model (Gtk2::TreeModel)
  • $path (Gtk2::TreePath)

scalar = $d->get_selection

scalar = $d->get_target

list = $selection_data->get_targets

Gets the contents of selection_data as an array of targets. This can be used to interpret the results of getting the standard TARGETS target that is always supplied for any selection.

Returns a list of GdkAtoms, the targets.

boolean = $selection_data->targets_include_image ($writable)

$writable (boolean)

Since: gtk+ 2.6

boolean = $selection_data->targets_include_rich_text ($buffer)

$buffer (Gtk2::TextBuffer)

Since: gtk+ 2.10

boolean = $selection_data->targets_include_text

boolean = $selection_data->targets_include_uri

Since: gtk+ 2.10

boolean = $selection_data->set_text ($str, $len=-1)

  • $str (string)
  • $len (integer)

list = $selection_data->get_uris

Since: gtk+ 2.6

boolean = $selection_data->set_uris (...)

... (list) of strings

Since: gtk+ 2.6

Gtk2, Glib::Boxed

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