Gtk2::RecentInfo(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gtk2::RecentInfo(3)

Gtk2::RecentInfo - wrapper for GtkRecentInfo


timestamp = $info->get_added;

timestamp = $info->get_modified;

timestamp = $info->get_visited;


$app_name (string)

string = $info->get_description

string = $info->get_display_name

boolean = $info->exists

boolean = $info->has_application ($app_name)

$app_name (string)

boolean = $info->has_group ($group_name)

$group_name (string)

$size (integer)

boolean = $info->is_local

string = $info->last_application

boolean = $info->match ($other_info)

$other_info (Gtk2::RecentInfo)

string = $info->get_mime_type

unix timestamp = $info->get_modified

boolean = $info->get_private_hint

string = $info->get_short_name

string = $info->get_uri_display

string = $info->get_uri

unix timestamp = $info->get_visited

Gtk2, Glib::Boxed

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