Gtk2::Pango(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gtk2::Pango(3)

Gtk2::Pango - constants for use with Pango

use Gtk2; # gets the actual Pango objects and methods
use Gtk2::Pango; # load extra constants

To use Pango effectively, you need a few extra constants that are not supplied in normal ways by the type system or by other means.

This module exports all of those extra constants when you load it. They use the fully-prefixed names from the C documentation.

PangoWeight is indeed defined as an enumerated type whose values can be used as nickname strings in the perl bindings, but in several places where a weight is needed, a gint is requested instead. This is because PangoWeight is actually just a set of predefined values for an integer-valued property. The PANGO_WEIGHT_* constants give you the predefined values:


These are #defined in the C source, and thus are not available anywhere except here:


PANGO_SCALE is needed to convert between Pango units and pixels. It is also available as Gtk2::Pango->scale.


This module shouldn't exist, but some parts of the API just aren't clean.

This stuff is hardcoded directly from the headers of pango 1.2.1.

perl(1), Gtk2(3pm)

muppet <scott AT>

Copyright 2003 by muppet

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