Gtk2::GC(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Gtk2::GC(3)


These functions provide access to a shared pool of Gtk2::Gdk::GC objects. When a new Gtk2::Gdk::GC is needed, Gtk2::Gdk::GC::get is called with the required depth, colormap and Gtk2::Gdk::GCValues. If a Gtk2::Gdk::GC with the required properties already exists then that is returned. If not, a new Gtk2::Gdk::GC is created.



  • $depth (integer)
  • $colormap (Gtk2::Gdk::Colormap)
  • $values (Gtk2::Gdk::GCValues) Values to match

$values is a hashref with keys and values as per "Gtk2::Gdk::GC->new" (see Gtk2::Gdk::GC).

Before version 1.200 of the Gtk2 perl module, it was necessary to call "Gtk2::GC::release()" on GCs obtained from "Gtk2::GC::get()". As of version 1.200, this is no longer necessary; a GC will be released when the last perl reference goes away. Old-style code continues to work, but "Gtk2::GC::release()" is deprecated.


Copyright (C) 2003-2011 by the gtk2-perl team.

This software is licensed under the LGPL. See Gtk2 for a full notice.

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