grl-launch(1) General Commands Manual grl-launch(1)

grl-launch - run Grilo operations from the command line


This manual page documents briefly the grl-launch command.

grl-launch is a tool that allows the user to run Grilo operations from the command line.

Show summary of grl-launch options.
Show summary of Grilo options.
Show summary of all options.
Configuration file to send to sources
Number of elements to return
Wait some seconds before performing the operation (default 1 second)
List of comma-separated flags to use
Full serialize
List of comma-separated keys to retrieve
Number of elements to skip
Print column titles (useful for CSV spreadsheets)
Print version

Print the ID for all the items searched in the Tracker source:

grl-launch-0.3 search "" -S grl-tracker-source
grl-launch-0.3 -k id,title browse grl-appletrailers-lua
grl-launch-0.3 -S browse -k title grlcontainer://grl-tracker-source/videos

This manual page was written by Alberto Garcia <>.

August 25, 2014