grl-inspect(1) General Commands Manual grl-inspect(1)

grl-inspect - show information about Grilo sources and keys

grl-inspect [options] [source|key]

This manual page documents briefly the grl-inspect command.

grl-inspect is a tool that prints out information on available Grilo sources and metadata keys. When executed with no SOURCE argument, grl-inspect will print the list of all plugins and sources. When executed with a SOURCE, grl-inspect will print information about that source.

Alternatively, using -k prints out information about the available metadata keys.

Show summary of grl-inspect options.
Show summary of Grilo options.
Show summary of all options.
Show information about metadata keys
Wait for some seconds before showing results. Useful when plugins may need some time for the source discovery process (example: UPnP). If not specified, by default it waits 1 second.
Configuration file to use with the plugins.

This manual page was written by Alberto Garcia <>.

June 28, 2011