GVEDIT(1) General Commands Manual GVEDIT(1)

gvedit - simple graph editor and viewer

gvedit [ -sv? ] [ file ]

gvedit provides a simple graph editor and viewer. It allows many graphs to be viewed at the same time. The text of each graph is displayed in its own text window.

The name of a Graphviz file can be specified on the command line. This graph file will be automatically opened on start-up.

The following options are supported:

By default, the layout algorithms that use initial positions given by a node's pos attribute (currently, fdp and neato) assume the coordinates are in inches. Frequently, the input graph has these in points, especially if the graph is output by a Graphviz layout algorithm. This flag can be used to scale the coordinates from points to inches.
Verbose mode.
Prints usage information and exit.

Arif Bilgin <arif@research.att.com>
Emden R. Gansner <erg@research.att.com>


4 April 2011