debugapp(1) GNUstep System Manual debugapp(1)

debugapp - A wrapper for openapp.

debugapp [--find] [--gdb=...] application [arguments...]

debugapp is a tool that helps you start or find applications by name in debugging mode. It acts as a wrapper around openapp , and calls openapp with the --debug option; we recommend using openapp directly.

By default gdb is used as the debugger, but this can be changed with the --gdb= option or through the GDB environment variable.

The arguments are the arguments passed to the application.

See the openapp (1) man-page for a complete description.


Work on debugapp started in October 1997 by Ovidiu Predescu <>. In October 2006 Nicola Pero <> merged it with openapp.

This man page was written by Dennis Leeuw <>.

16/12/2007 GNUstep