GLOBASH(1) General Commands Manual GLOBASH(1)

globash - a special shell for Global using GNU bash


Globash is a special shell for Global using GNU bash. You can use a lot of functions to ease reading source code, like tag stack, tag mark and cookie. At first, you should make tag files using gtags and invoke this command in the project. Please refer to the help (type ´ghelp<RET>´) for detailed usage.

Tag file for definitions.
Tag file for references.
Tag file for source files.
Start-up file.
Session directory.

The following environment variables affect the execution of globash:

The editor used by the show command.

gtags(1), htags(1), less(1).

GNU Global source code tag system


The globash command appeared in Global-4.1 (2001).

May 2010 GNU Project