sergensio_event(3) Library Functions Manual sergensio_event(3)

sergensio_event - Event handler for events from a sergensio

#include <gensio/sergensio.h>

When an event happens on a sergensio that is reported to the user, the gensio library calls the gensio_event type handler that was registered with the gensio, just like any other event on a gensio. See gensio_event(3) for details on how this happens.

This document the sergensio-specific events. These report an unsigned integer value unless otherwise specified in the description, the buf parameter to the gensio_event handler is a pointer to the unsigned integer value.

These are controls for serial port settings. These are received on the server side only. It should respond by setting the value (if possible and the value isn't zero) and responding with the current value with sergensio_xxx().


GENSIO_EVENT_SER_SIGNATURE is received on the server side only and is a request for the signature. The server should respond by send the signature with sergensio_signature(). No value is passed in this case.

These are received on the server side to request updating the mask of reported values. The server should respond by returning the current mask with the sergensio_modemstate or sergensio_linestate functions. The server need not handle all the bits requested by the user.

On the client side, these are reporting current modemstate and linestate changes as an unsigned integer. See sergensio_modemstate(3) and sergensio_linestate(3) for a meaning of the bits in the integer.


These are server-only, these are received requesting the various operations. The server should do them, but no response is required. You may notice that break is not here, break is handled through the GENSIO_EVENT_SEND_BREAK event.


GENSIO_EVENT_SER_SYNC is a special operation that comes in when a TCP sync event is received. It may be received on both sides. A server should send a break. The client can do whatever it wants with the information, that is not defined by the RFC2217 specification.

Return value are currently ignored for all these events, but you should return 0 on success, GE_NOTSUP if the function isn't supported, or other gensio errors as necessary.

sergensio(5), gensio_event(3), gensio_err(3)

2o July 2020