gsound(1) 2022 gsound(1)

gsound - Tool for doing sound I/O using the sound gensio

gsound [-r|--rate num] [-n|--nbufs num] [-c|--channels num] [-s|--bufsize num] [-t|--type num] [-f|--format str] [-p|--play] [-L|--list-devs] [-d|--debug] [-h|--help] <device> [<file>]

The gsound program allows you to record/play sound to/from the given sound device. Sound data goes to/from file, or stdio if the file isn't given.

The sample rate, defaults to 44100.
The number of buffers, defaults to 4.
The number of channels, defaults to 1.
The number of buffer size, defaults to 2048.
The interface type, either alsa (Linux), win (Windows), or file. Default to alsa or win.
The I/O format. Default to float. May be one of double, float, int32, int24, int16, or int8
Playback data from stdin. The default is to record data to stdout.
List available devices and exit.
Enable debug. Specify more than once to increase the debug level



Corey Minyard <>

15 Aug