fwupd-refresh.service(5) Message Of The Day Integration fwupd-refresh.service(5)

fwupd-refresh.service — message of the day integration.

Message on the day integration is used to display the availability of updates when connecting to a remote console.

It has two elements:

Automatic firmware metadata refresh
Message of the day display

This uses a systemd timer to run on a regular cadence. To enable this, run:

$ systemctl enable fwupd-refresh.timer

Motd display is dependent upon the availability of the update-motd snippet consumption service such as pam_motd.

To enable a proxy, set the systemd global environment in /etc/systemd/system.conf so all the systemd child processes have the proxy settings applied:

DefaultEnvironment=http_proxy=<http://internal.corp:3128/> https_proxy=<http://internal.corp:3128/>

fwupdmgr(1) fwupd.conf(5)