FTDIFF(1) General Commands Manual FTDIFF(1)

ftdiff - compare font hinting modes

ftdiff [options] font ...

ftdiff displays text in three columns, using the font or fonts given on the command line, and applies different FreeType hinting modes to each column.

The font file(s) to display. For Type 1 font files, ftdiff also tries to attach the corresponding metrics file (with extension `.afm' or `.pfm').

This program is part of the FreeType demos package.

Set the window width to w pixels (default: 640px).
Set the window height to h pixels (default: 480px).
Use resolution r dpi (default: 72dpi).
Set character size to s points (default: 16pt).
Change displayed text, using text in textfile (in UTF-8 encoding).
Show version.
August 2023 FreeType 2.13.2