fprintd(1) fprintd(1)

fprintd - Fingerprint management daemon, and test applications

fprintd-enroll [-f finger] [usename]

fprintd-list username [usernames...]

fprintd-verify [-f finger] [usename]

fprintd-delete username [usernames...]

This manual page documents briefly the fprintd command-line utilities.

The fprintd daemon is accessed through D-Bus by those command-line utilities.

The username for the user for which you want to query or modify the fingerprint database.

Note that fprintd-list and fprintd-delete require at least one username to be passed, and support multiple usernames.

fprintd-enroll and fprintd-verify will use the current username if none are passed on the command-line.

For fprintd-enroll, the finger to enroll. Possible values are:

left-thumb, left-index-finger, left-middle-finger, left-ring-finger, left-little-finger, right-thumb, right-index-finger, right-middle-finger, right-ring-finger, right-little-finger.

The default is to choose automatically, selecting the first available finger for swipe devices, or all the enrolled fingers, for press devices.

Will enroll the user's right index finger into the database.

Will list the user's enrolled fingerprints.

Will verify the user's fingerprints against the database.

Will delete the user's right index finger into the database.

fprintd was written by Bastien Nocera and Daniel Drake.

By default, fprintd stores the fingerprints in /var/lib/fprint/

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