FLATPAK PERMISSION-(1) flatpak permission-set FLATPAK PERMISSION-(1)

flatpak-permission-set - Set permissions

flatpak permission-set [OPTION...] TABLE ID APP_ID [PERMISSION...]

Set the permissions for an application in an entry in the permission store. The entry is identified by TABLE and ID, the application is identified by APP_ID. The PERMISSION strings must be in a format suitable for the table.

The permission store is used by portals. Each portal generally has its own table in the permission store, and the format of the table entries is specific to each portal.

The following options are understood:

-h, --help

Show help options and exit.


Associate DATA with the entry. The data must be a serialized GVariant.

-v, --verbose

Print debug information during command processing.


Print OSTree debug information during command processing.

$ flatpak permission-set --data "{'always-ask':<true>}" desktop-used-apps text/plain org.mozilla.Firefox org.gnome.gedit 0 3

flatpak(1), flatpak-permissions(1), flatpak-permission-remove(1), flatpak-permission-reset(1), flatpak-permission-show(1)