exfat2img(8) System Manager's Manual exfat2img(8)

exfat2img - dump metadata of an exFAT filesystem

exfat2img [ -o path] [ -V ] device
exfat2img -V

exfat2img dump metadata of exFAT filesystems for debugging. exfat2img dump boot sector, File Allcation Table, Bitmap and all metadata which can reach from root directory.

Specify output result file. If filesystem to which output file is written does not support sparse file, you should use '-' in place of path. Because a dump image generated from stdout has a special format, when restoring a partition from it, exfat2img should be used. See Examples.
Prints the version number and exits.

Dump metadata into a sparse file.

$ exfat2img -o sda1.dump /dev/sda1
Dump metadata into standard out and restore a partition
$ exfat2img -o - /dev/sda1 | bzip2 > sda1.dump.bz2
$ bzip2 -dc sda1.dump.bz2 | exfat2img -o /dev/sdb1 -