etc-update - handle configuration file updates

etc-update [options] [--automode <mode>] [paths to scan]

etc-update is supposed to be run after merging a new package to see if there are updates to the configuration files. If a new configuration file will override an old one, etc-update will prompt the user for a decision.

etc-update will check all directories specified on the command line. If no paths are given, then the CONFIG_PROTECT variable will be used. All config files found in CONFIG_PROTECT_MASK will automatically be updated for you by etc-update. See make.conf(5) for more information.

etc-update respects the normal PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT and EROOT variables for finding the aforementioned config protect variables.

Run with shell tracing enabled.
Surprisingly, show the help output.
Automerge trivial changes only and quit.
Show settings and important decision info while running.
Select one of the automatic merge modes. Valid modes are: -3 -5 -7 -9. See the --help text for more details.

Please report bugs via

Jochem Kossen and Leo Lipelis
Karl Trygve Kalleberg <>
Mike Frysinger <>

Configuration settings for etc-update are stored here.

dispatch-conf(1), make.conf(5)

Mar 2012 Portage VERSION