URLSNARF(8) System Manager's Manual URLSNARF(8)

urlsnarf - sniff HTTP requests in Common Log Format

urlsnarf [-n] [-i interface | -p pcapfile] [[-v] pattern [expression]]

urlsnarf outputs all requested URLs sniffed from HTTP traffic in CLF (Common Log Format, used by almost all web servers), suitable for offline post-processing with your favorite web log analysis tool (analog, wwwstat, etc.).

Do not resolve IP addresses to hostnames.
Specify the interface to listen on.
Process packets from the specified PCAP capture file instead of the network.
"Versus" mode. Invert the sense of matching, to select non-matching URLs. Specify the interface to listen on.
Specify regular expression for URL matching.
Specify a tcpdump(8) filter expression to select traffic to sniff.


Dug Song <dugsong@monkey.org>