dracut-catimages - creates initial ramdisk image by concatenating images

dracut-catimages [OPTION...] <initramfs base image> [<image>...]

dracut-catimages creates an initial ramdisk image by concatenating several images from the command line and /boot/dracut/*.img

-f, --force

overwrite existing initramfs file.

-i, --imagedir

Directory with additional images to add (default: /boot/dracut/)

-o, --overlaydir

Overlay directory, which contains additional files that will be used to create an additional image


Do not use the overlay directory


Do not use the additional image directory

-h, --help

display help text and exit.


output debug information of the build process

-v, --verbose

verbose output during the build process


images to work with

Harald Hoyer

The dracut-catimages command is part of the dracut package and is available from https://github.com/dracut-ng/dracut-ng


04/07/2024 dracut