mkarchroot - Creates an arch chroot in a specified location with a specified set of packages

mkarchroot [options] [location] [packages]

mkarchroot is a script to create an Arch Linux chroot at a specified location with specified packages. Typically used by makechrootpkg to create build chroots. Apart from installing specified packages the chroot is created with an en_US.UTF-8 and de_DE.UTF-8 locale and a generated machine-id.

Use pacman -U to install packages.

-C <file>

Location of a pacman config file.

-M <file>

Location of a makepkg config file.

-c <dir>

Set pacman cache.

-f <file>

Copy file from the host to the chroot.


Do not run setarch.


Output command line options.


Bugs can be reported on the bug tracker in the Arch Linux category and title prefixed with [devtools] or via

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For additional contributors, use git shortlog -s on the devtools.git repository.