DBXTOOL(1) General Commands Manual DBXTOOL(1)

dbxtool - mechanism to distribute and apply UEFI Secure Boot DBX updates

dbxtool [--dbx=dbxfile | -d dbxfile ] [ --list | -l ] [ --verbose | -v ] [ --apply | -a ] [ updatedir | update0 [ ... updateN ]]

dbxtool is a command line tool and oneshot systemd service for applying UEFI Secure Boot DBX updates.

Use a specified file for dbx rather than the system variable. This option only works with --list.
List DBX entries in the system database, or in a copy of it or an update file.
Show a bunch of verbose output about what dbxtool is doing.
Apply updates specified on the command line. Does not work with --dbx. This argument requires either an updatedir argument or one or more updateN arguments.
Directory of dbx updates. Filenames must end in ".bin". This argument only works with --apply.
An individual dbx update. This argument only works with --apply.

Peter Jones
Thu May 02 2014