cpupower-frequency-info - Utility to retrieve cpufreq kernel information

cpupower [ -c cpulist ] frequency-info [options]

A small tool which prints out cpufreq information helpful to developers and interested users.

Prints out debug information.
Get frequency the CPU currently runs at, according to the cpufreq core.
Get frequency the CPU currently runs at, by reading it from hardware (only available to root).
Determine the minimum and maximum CPU frequency allowed.
Determines the used cpufreq kernel driver.
Gets the currently used cpufreq policy.
Determines available cpufreq governors.
Determines which CPUs run at the same hardware frequency.
Determines which CPUs need to have their frequency coordinated by software.
Shows cpufreq statistics if available.
Determines the maximum latency on CPU frequency changes.
Prints out information like provided by the /proc/cpufreq interface in 2.4. and early 2.6. kernels.
human-readable output for the -f, -w, -s and -y parameters.
Output frequencies and latencies without rounding off values.
Get performances and frequencies capabilities of CPPC, by reading it from hardware (only available on the hardware with CPPC).

By default only values of core zero are displayed. How to display settings of other cores is described in the cpupower(1) manpage in the --cpu option section.

You can't specify more than one of the output specific options -o -e -a -g -p -d -l -w -f -y.

You also can't specify the -o option combined with the -c option.

/proc/cpufreq (deprecated) 
/proc/sys/cpu/ (deprecated)

Dominik Brodowski <linux@brodo.de> - author 
Mattia Dongili<malattia@gmail.com> - first autolibtoolization

cpupower-frequency-set(1), cpupower(1)