KLONDIKE(6) Games Manual KLONDIKE(6)

klondikeKlondike solitaire card game

Klondike is a card game with the object of sorting cards into four piles, one for each suit, sorted by rank from Ace to King. The initial deal creates seven sorting stacks; one card in the first to seven cards in the last. The top card in each stack is revealed, while the rest stay hidden.

The game is played by moving the cards around the sorting stacks. You may only move revealed cards in the sorting stacks, the last card dealt from the deck, and the last card dealt onto the final sorted piles. You may not move cards back into the deck. When you move a card, you must move all the cards on top of it with it. In the sorting stacks you may place a card only onto a card of one rank higher and a different suit color. For example, a Jack of Spades can only be placed onto a Queen of Hearts or Queen of Diamonds. In the final piles you may only place a card that is one rank higher and of the same suit as the card already on top. For example, if a final pile contains Ace-2-3-4 Clubs, then you may only place 5 of Clubs on it. The remaining cards in the deck are dealt one at a time as needed. You may only move the last dealt card from the dealt stack. When no cards remain in the deck, the dealt stack is turned over and becomes the deck again.

The game is won when the four final piles contain the all four suits in Ace-King order.

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