DAB(6) Games Manual DAB(6)

dabDots and Boxes game

dab [level]

dab is a game where each player tries to complete the most boxes. A turn consists of putting one border of a box; the player setting the fourth and final border of a box gets the point for the box and has another turn.

The keys used are the vi keys: k for up, j for down, h for left, and l for right. ⟨space⟩ sets a new border, q quits the game.

Support option is: level sets the starting level.

Christos Zoulas ⟨christos@NetBSD.org⟩
Mike Sharov ⟨msharov@users.sourceforge.net⟩

Elwyn R. Berlekamp, The Dots and Boxes Game: Sophisticated Child's Play, A K Peters, 2000, http://www.akpeters.com/book.asp?bID=111.

December 24, 2003 Linux 6.8.7-arch1-1