CRIBBAGE(6) Games Manual CRIBBAGE(6)

cribbageCribbage card game

Cribbage is a game for two players played with the standard 52 card deck. Each game consists of a series of hands, each consisting of "the deal", "the play", and "the show". The game is won by the first player to reach the score of 61.

The first dealer is chosen randomly. The dealer shuffles the deck and deals six cards to each player. Each player then discards two cards face down to form the "crib". The non-dealing player cuts the deck to reveal the "starter". If this card is a Jack, the dealer scores 2 points for "his heels".

During "the play", each player plays a card in turn, stating the count (the cumulative value of the cards laid down in this play). The value of the numbered cards and Ace is at face value, while Jack, Queen, and King are valued at 10. Points are scored for reaching multiples of 15, for runs (valued by length), and for pairs (2), three-of-a-kind (6) and four-of-a-kind (12). If a player cannot play without causing the count exceed 31, he says "Go." The other player continues the play until he is unable to play either. Once 31 is reached or no one can play, the player who laid down the last card gets one point and another point if the count is exactly 31. At this point the count is reset and another round is played until players have no cards.

In "the show" stage each player scores his hand based on its content in conjunction with the starter card. Points are scored for combinations of cards totalling 15, runs (valued at the size of the run), pairs, a flush and having a Jack of the same suit as the starter card ("one for his nob"). A four-card flush scores four and cannot include the cut or starter. A five-card flush scores five. It is important to note that each combination is scored separately. For example, the highest possible hand is J,5,5,5 with the starter the 5 of the same suit as the jack. There are four fifteens by combining the jack with a five, four more by combinations of three fives (a total of 16 for fifteens); the double pair royal adds 12 for a total of 28; and his nobs adds 1 for a maximum score of 29. (the score of 2 for his heels does not count in the total of the hand, since it is pegged before the play.)

The dealer scores his hand last and then turns the cards in the crib face up. These cards are then scored by the dealer as an additional hand, also in conjunction with the starter card. Unlike the dealer's own hand, the crib cannot score a four-card flush, but it can score a five-card flush with the starter.

The cribbage board is used for scoring, with two pegs inserted in appropriate holes in leapfrog manner to keep the score for the current and the previous hands. There are two rows of holes for each player, used forward and back. In each game the pegs go twice around the board.

The best strategy is playing kings and aces, because they have the least chance of producing sequences. 10-value cards are generally good, provided that the two cards laid away are not too near (likely to make a sequence). When nothing better offers, give two wide cards, at least three apart in rank.

Proverbially the safest lead is a 4. The next card cannot make a 15. Lower cards are also safe from this point of view, but are better treasured for go and 31. The most dangerous leads are 7 and 8, but may be made to trap the opponent when they are backed with other close cards. Generally speaking, play on (toward a sequence) when you have close cards and off when you do not. However, the state of the score is a consideration. If far behind, play on when there is any chance of building a score for yourself; if well ahead, balk your opponent by playing off unless you will surely peg as much as he by playing on.

The user interface consists of selecting cards from your hand using jk or arrow keys, making the choice with space. You can only make valid choices. If there is only one card to play, it is played automatically. Scoring of hands and plays is also handled by the computer, and fault points are never awarded. The match consists of 7 games, after which the match winner is declared and the game exits. You can also quit the game at any time by pressing q or F10.

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