EUTP(1) BrlAPI User's Manual EUTP(1)

eutp - EuroBraille file transferring


eutp lets you exchange files with a Clio terminal from EuroBraile.

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Beware of special chars: * and . are often expanded by your shell, hence sending files * will probably do what you want, putting every file existing in the current directory onto the terminal, but receiving files * may not do what you want: it will only get every file which already exist in the current directory, skipping those you just created on your terminal ! If you want to get every file which exist in the terminal, you should use '*' or something similar (please read your shell manual).

The same warning applies to other special chars, such as $, ~, &,... which should be protected by surrounding arguments by quotes (') or by using single backslashes (\) just before them (please read your shell manual).

Olivier Bert <>

2013-11-13 BrlAPI