HOOLA(6) BH Solver HOOLA(6)

black-hole-solve - Utility for solving Golf Solitaire, Black Hole Solitaire, and All in a Row Solitaire games.

black-hole-solve --game [golf|black_hole|all_in_a_row] /path/to/board.txt

black-hole-solve is a command line application that solves a single deal of Golf Solitaire, Black Hole Solitaire, or All in a Row Solitaire.

Also provided is a C library with an API.

See --help .


$ make_pysol_freecell_board.py -F -t 24 black_hole | \
    black-hole-solve --game black_hole -


Shlomi Fish, http://www.shlomifish.org/ .

2022-03-28 BH Solver 1.12.0