Biber::Entry::Names(3pm) User Contributed Perl Documentation Biber::Entry::Names(3pm)

Biber::Entry::Names - Biber::Entry::Names objects

Initialize a Biber::Entry::Names object

Test for an empty object

Return ref to array of all Biber::Entry::Name objects
in object

Add a Biber::Entry::Name object to the Biber::Entry::Names

Replace a Biber::Entry::Name at a position (1-based)
with a provided one

Splice a Biber::Entry::Names object into a Biber::Entry::Names object at a
position (1-based)

Sets a flag to say that we had a "and others" in the data

Gets the morenames flag

Returns the number of Biber::Entry::Name objects in the object

Returns boolean to say of there is an nth name

Returns the nth Biber::Entry::Name object in the object or the last one
if n > total names

Returns an array ref of Biber::Entry::Name objects containing only
the first n Biber::Entry::Name objects or all names if n > total names

Deletes the last Biber::Entry::Name object in the object

Returns the last Biber::Entry::Name object in the object

Get any xdata reference information for a namelist

Dump a Biber::Entry::Names object for debugging purposes

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