PRETTYBAT(1) General Commands Manual PRETTYBAT(1)

prettybat - Pretty-print source code and highlight it with bat.

The only thing better than syntax highlighting? Syntax highlighting and code formatting. This script combines the best of both worlds by using various formatters to format source files before using bat to highlight them.

prettybat [OPTIONS] [PATH...]

Every option is passed through to bat.
See man bat for more information.

Language Formatter
JavaScript (JS, JSX) prettier
TypeScript (TS, TSX) prettier
CSS, SCSS, SASS prettier
Markdown prettier
JSON prettier
YAML prettier
HTML prettier
SVG prettier
Rust rustfmt
Bash shfmt
C ClangFormat
C++ ClangFormat
Objective-C ClangFormat
Python black
Elixir mix format

- The header displayed by bat will show STDIN instead of the filename (bat 0.13 or older).
- The git changes sidebar will not work with files that have been formatted.