strtransform(3) Programmer's Manual strtransform(3)

strtransform - convert a string into its mapped-to value

#include <your-opts.h>
cc [...] -o outfile infile.c -lopts [...]

void strtransform(char * dest, char const * src);

Each character in the input string is mapped and the mapped-to character is put into the output. This function name is mapped to option_strtransform so as to not conflict with the POSIX name space.

The source and destination may be the same.

output string
input string


The info documentation for the -lopts library.
ao_string_tokenize(3), configFileLoad(3), optionFileLoad(3), optionFindNextValue(3), optionFindValue(3), optionFree(3), optionGetValue(3), optionLoadLine(3), optionMemberList(3), optionNextValue(3), optionOnlyUsage(3), optionPrintVersion(3), optionPrintVersionAndReturn(3), optionProcess(3), optionRestore(3), optionSaveFile(3), optionSaveState(3), optionUnloadNested(3), optionVersion(3), strequate(3), streqvcmp(3), streqvmap(3), strneqvcmp(3),