sfconvert - convert audio files

sfconvert infile outfile [output options]

The sfconvert command converts an audio file to another file format or data format.

The following keywords specify the format of the output sound file:

format f

Output file format. f must be one of the following:
aiff Audio Interchange File Format
aifc AIFF-C
next NeXT/Sun .snd/.au Format
bicsf Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound File Format
smp Sample Vision Format
voc Creative Voice File Format
nist NIST SPHERE Format
caf Core Audio Format
flac FLAC

compression c

ulaw G.711 mu-law
alaw G.711 A-law
msadpcm Microsoft ADPCM
flac FLAC
alac Apple Lossless Audio Codec

byteorder e

Output byte order. e may be either big or little.

channels n

Number of output channels. n is 1 for mono, and 2 for stereo.

integer n s

Convert to integer audio data. n indicates the output sample width in bits. s specifies the sample format and may be either 2scomp for 2’s complement signed data or unsigned for unsigned data.

float m

Convert to floating-point audio data with a maximum amplitude of m (usually 1.0). The integer and float options are mutually exclusive.

The following options take no additional arguments:

--help, -h

Print help message.

--version, -v

Print version information.


Michael Pruett <michael@68k.org>
03/06/2013 Audio File Library 0.3.6