afInitAESChannelDataTo, afInitAESChannelData - initialize AES non-audio data in an audio file setup

#include <audiofile.h>
void afInitAESChannelDataTo(AFfilesetup setup, int track, int willHaveData);
void afInitAESChannelData(AFfilesetup setup, int track);

setup is a valid file setup returned by afNewFileSetup(3).

track specifies a track within the audio file setup. track is always AF_DEFAULT_TRACK for all currently supported file formats.

willHaveData is a boolean-valued integer indicating whether AES non-audio data will be present.

Given an AFfilesetup structure created with afNewFileSetup(3) and a track identified by track (AF_DEFAULT_TRACK for all currently supported file formats), afInitAESChannelDataTo initializes the track to contain or not contain AES non-audio data. afInitAESChannelData behaves similarly but always initializes the track to contain AES non-audio data.

Currently only AIFF and AIFF-C file formats can store AES non-audio data; this data is ignored in all other file formats.

afInitAESChannelDataTo and afInitAESChannelData can produce the following errors:


setup represents an invalid file setup.


track represents an invalid track identifier.


Michael Pruett <>
03/06/2013 Audio File Library 0.3.6