ARDOUR(1) User Commands ARDOUR(1)

Ardour - digital audio workstation


Ardour is a multichannel hard disk recorder (HDR) and digital audio workstation (DAW).

Do not contact website for announcements
Print all possible menu action names
Display all current key bindings
Bypass all plugins in an existing session
Use a specific backend client name, default is ardour
Disable all plugins (safe mode)
Set debug flags. Use "-D list" to see available options
Print this message
Path to the key bindings file to load
Use "file" to define menus
Do not show splash screen
Create a new session from the command line
Disable h/w specific optimizations
Do not connect any ports at startup
Draw the GUI synchronously
Use given template for new session
Print version and exit

Report bugs to

July 2020 ardour 6