SIGNOFF(1) signoff manual SIGNOFF(1)

signoff - Signoff or revoke Arch Linux Testing packages

signoff [options] [package]

Packages in Arch Linux’s testing repositories can be signed off as fully functional by the Arch Linux Testing Team and after a certain amount of signoffs promoted to the normal repositories. The signoff tool is created for the Arch Linux Testing Team to make it easier to sign off packages in an interactive way.

-s, --signoff package

Signoff the specified package.

-r, --revoke package

Revoke the specified package.

-l, --list

List of packages that can be signed off.

-i, --interactive

Interactively sign off packages.

-u, --uninstalled

Include uninstalled packages when listing.

-a, --signed-off

Include signed-off packages when listing.

-q, --quiet

Be less verbose when listing packages.

-b, --db-path <dbpath>

pacman database path

--username username

ArchWeb username.

--password password

ArchWeb password.


Don’t ask for confirmation.


Don’t use color in output.

-h, --help

Show this message and exit.


The archweb username to use to log in to archweb.


The archweb password to use to log in to archweb.

Jelle van der Waa <>

04/06/2024   signoff 0.5.2