aa-notify - display information about logged AppArmor messages.

aa-notify [option]

aa-notify will display a summary or provide desktop notifications for AppArmor DENIED messages.

aa-notify accepts the following arguments:

poll AppArmor logs and display desktop notifications. Can be used with '-s' option to display a summary on startup.
set the DISPLAY environment variable to $DISPLAY (might be needed if sudo resets $DISPLAY)
search FILE for AppArmor messages
show summary since last login.
show summary for last NUM of days.
user to drop privileges to when running privileged. When used with the -p option, this should be set to the user that will receive desktop notifications. This has no effect when running under sudo.
wait NUM seconds before displaying notifications (for use with -p)
show messages with summaries.
displays a short usage statement.

System-wide configuration for aa-notify is done via /etc/apparmor/notify.conf:

# set to 'yes' to enable AppArmor DENIED notifications
# only people in use_group can use aa-notify
# OPTIONAL - custom notification message body
message_body="This is a custom notification message."
# OPTIONAL - custom notification message footer
message_footer="For more information visit https://foo.com"

Per-user configuration is done via $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/apparmor/notify.conf (or the deprecated ~/.apparmor/notify.conf if it exists):

# set to 'yes' to enable AppArmor DENIED notifications

aa-notify needs to be able to read the logfiles containing the AppArmor DENIED messages.

If you find any additional bugs, please report them to Gitlab at https://gitlab.com/apparmor/apparmor/-/issues.


2024-02-02 AppArmor 3.1.7