aa-features-abi - Extract, validate and manipulate AppArmor feature abis


aa-features-abi is used to extract a features abi and output to either stdout or a specified file. A SOURCE_OPTION must be specified. If an output option is not specified the features abi is written to stdout.

aa-features-abi accepts the following arguments:

Display a brief usage guide.
show messages with debugging information
show messages with stats

Extract the features abi for the kernel
Load the features abi from FILE and send it to OUTPUT OPTIONS.

Write the features abi to stdout, this is the default if no output option is specified.
Write the features abi to FILE.

If you find any bugs, please report them at https://gitlab.com/apparmor/apparmor/-/issues.

apparmor(7), apparmor.d(5), aa_features(3), and https://wiki.apparmor.net.

2024-02-02 AppArmor 3.1.7