AMSYNTH(1) User Commands AMSYNTH(1)

amsynth - a two oscillator subtractive software synthesizer

amsynth [options]

amsynth is an easy-to-use software synth with a classic subtractive synthesizer topology.

show a help message
show version information
run in headless mode (without GUI)
-b <file>
use <file> as the bank to store presets
-t <file>
use <file> as a tuning file
-a <string>
set the sound output driver to use [alsa/oss/auto(default)]
-r <int>
set the sampling rate to use
-m <string>
set the MIDI driver to use [alsa/oss/auto(default)]
-c <int>
set the MIDI channel to respond to (default=all)
-p <int>
set the polyphony (maximum active voices)
-n <name>
specify the JACK client name to use
--jack_autoconnect <true|false>
automatically connect jack audio ports to hardware I/O ports. (Default: true)
--force-device-scale-factor <scale>
set the scaling factor to use for the control panel

Configuration for amsynth.
User preset banks.

If AMSYNTH_NO_GUI is set, amsynth is started in headless mode (without GUI).
Specifies the directory from which amsynth should load its skin.
Specifies the scaling factor to use for the control panel.

If you find a bug or if you would like to propose a new feature, please report it at .

Nick Dowell and contributors. See complete list in amsynth’s “Help” -> “About” dialog.

The initial version of this manual page was written by Olivier Humbert <> on September 06, 2016 as a part of the LibraZiK project (and can be used by others).

October 2020 amsynth 1.13.2