al_draw_multiline_text(3) al_draw_multiline_text(3)

al_draw_multiline_text - Allegro 5 API

#include <allegro5/allegro_font.h>
void al_draw_multiline_text(const ALLEGRO_FONT *font,
     ALLEGRO_COLOR color, float x, float y, float max_width, float line_height,
     int flags, const char *text)

Like al_draw_text(3), but this function supports drawing multiple lines of text. It will break text in lines based on its contents and the max_width parameter. The lines are then layed out vertically depending on the line_height parameter and drawn each as if al_draw_text(3) was called on them.

A newline \n in the text will cause a “hard” line break after its occurrence in the string. The text after a hard break is placed on a new line. Carriage return \r is not supported, will not cause a line break, and will likely be drawn as a square or a space depending on the font.

The max_width parameter controls the maximum desired width of the lines. This function will try to introduce a “soft” line break after the longest possible series of words that will fit in max_length when drawn with the given font. A “soft” line break can occur either on a space or tab (\t) character.

However, it is possible that max_width is too small, or the words in text are too long to fit max_width when drawn with font. In that case, the word that is too wide will simply be drawn completely on a line by itself. If you don’t want the text that overflows max_width to be visible, then use al_set_clipping_rectangle(3) to clip it off and hide it.

The lines text was split into will each be drawn using the font, x, color and flags parameters, vertically starting at y and with a distance of line_height between them. If line_height is zero (0), the value returned by calling al_get_font_line_height(3) on font will be used as a default instead.


If you want to calculate the size of what this function will draw without actually drawing it, or if you need a complex and/or custom layout, you can use al_do_multiline_text(3).


al_do_multiline_text(3), al_draw_multiline_ustr(3), al_draw_multiline_textf(3)

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