al_draw_indexed_prim(3) al_draw_indexed_prim(3)

al_draw_indexed_prim - Allegro 5 API

#include <allegro5/allegro_primitives.h>
int al_draw_indexed_prim(const void* vtxs, const ALLEGRO_VERTEX_DECL* decl,
   ALLEGRO_BITMAP* texture, const int* indices, int num_vtx, int type)

Draws a subset of the passed vertex array. This function uses an index array to specify which vertices to use.


texture - Texture to use, pass NULL to use only color shaded primitves
vtxs - Pointer to an array of vertices
decl - Pointer to a vertex declaration. If set to NULL, the vtxs are assumed to be of the ALLEGRO_VERTEX type
indices - An array of indices into the vertex array
num_vtx - Number of indices from the indices array you want to draw
type - A member of the ALLEGRO_PRIM_TYPE(3) enumeration, specifying what kind of primitive to draw

Returns: Number of primitives drawn


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