al_draw_glyph(3) al_draw_glyph(3)

al_draw_glyph - Allegro 5 API

#include <allegro5/allegro_font.h>
void al_draw_glyph(const ALLEGRO_FONT *f, ALLEGRO_COLOR color, float x, float y,
   int codepoint)

Draws the glyph that corresponds with codepoint in the given color using the given font. If font does not have such a glyph, nothing will be drawn.

To draw a string as left to right horizontal text you will need to use al_get_glyph_advance(3) to determine the position of each glyph. For drawing strings in other directions, such as top to down, use al_get_glyph_dimensions(3) to determine the size and position of each glyph.

If you have to draw many glyphs at the same time, use al_hold_bitmap_drawing(3) with true as the parameter, before drawing the glyphs, and then call al_hold_bitmap_drawing(3) again with false as a parameter when done drawing the glyphs to further enhance performance.


al_get_glyph_width(3), al_get_glyph_dimensions(3), al_get_glyph_advance(3).

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