al_create_vertex_buffer(3) al_create_vertex_buffer(3)

al_create_vertex_buffer - Allegro 5 API

#include <allegro5/allegro_primitives.h>
ALLEGRO_VERTEX_BUFFER* al_create_vertex_buffer(ALLEGRO_VERTEX_DECL* decl,
   const void* initial_data, int num_vertices, int flags)

Creates a vertex buffer. Can return NULL if the buffer could not be created (e.g. the system only supports write-only buffers).


This is an advanced feature, often unsupported on lower-end video cards. Be extra mindful of this function failing and make arrangements for fallback drawing functionality or a nice error message for users with such lower-end cards.


decl - Vertex type that this buffer will hold. NULL implies that this buffer will hold ALLEGRO_VERTEX(3) vertices
initial_data - Memory buffer to copy from to initialize the vertex buffer. Can be NULL, in which case the buffer is uninitialized.
num_vertices - Number of vertices the buffer will hold
flags - A combination of the ALLEGRO_PRIM_BUFFER_FLAGS(3) flags specifying how this buffer will be created. Passing 0 is the same as passing ALLEGRO_PRIM_BUFFER_STATIC.


ALLEGRO_VERTEX_BUFFER(3), al_destroy_vertex_buffer(3)

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