al_attach_sample_instance_to_voice(3) al_attach_sample_instance_to_voice(3)

al_attach_sample_instance_to_voice - Allegro 5 API

#include <allegro5/allegro_audio.h>
bool al_attach_sample_instance_to_voice(ALLEGRO_SAMPLE_INSTANCE *spl,
   ALLEGRO_VOICE *voice)

Attaches a sample instance to a voice, and allows it to play. The instance’s gain and loop mode will be ignored, and it must have the same frequency, channel configuration and depth (including signed-ness) as the voice. This function may fail if the selected driver doesn’t support preloading sample data.

At this time, we don’t recommend attaching sample instances directly to voices. Use a mixer inbetween.

Returns true on success, false on failure.

al_detach_voice(3), al_voice_has_attachments(3)

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