aa_puts(3) Library Functions Manual aa_puts(3)

aa_puts - output string to AA-lib output buffers.

#include <aalib.h>

void aa_puts
aa_context *c,
int x,
int y,
enum aa_attribute attr,
const char *s

Specifies the AA-lib context to operate on.
X coordinate of the first character.
Y coordinate of the first character.
Attribute to use.

Possible values for an enum aa_attribute are as follows:

Normal characters.
Dark characters.
Bright characters.
Characters rendered in bold font.
Reversed (black on whilte) characters.
Render characters in a way easilly visible on the screen. The exact rendering is driver dependent, but this mode ought to be used to output texts you want to make easilly visible in the image.
String to output.

Output given string to AA-lib output buffers. To see the effect you need to call aa_flush too.

save_d(3), mem_d(3), aa_help(3), aa_formats(3), aa_fonts(3), aa_dithernames(3), aa_drivers(3), aa_kbddrivers(3), aa_mousedrivers(3), aa_kbdrecommended(3), aa_mouserecommended(3), aa_displayrecommended(3), aa_defparams(3), aa_defrenderparams(3), aa_scrwidth(3), aa_scrheight(3), aa_mmwidth(3), aa_mmheight(3), aa_imgwidth(3), aa_imgheight(3), aa_image(3), aa_text(3), aa_attrs(3), aa_currentfont(3), aa_autoinit(3), aa_autoinitkbd(3), aa_autoinitmouse(3), aa_recommendhi(3), aa_recommendlow(3), aa_init(3), aa_initkbd(3), aa_initmouse(3), aa_close(3), aa_uninitkbd(3), aa_uninitmouse(3), aa_fastrender(3), aa_render(3), aa_printf(3), aa_gotoxy(3), aa_hidecursor(3), aa_showcursor(3), aa_getmouse(3), aa_hidemouse(3), aa_showmouse(3), aa_registerfont(3), aa_setsupported(3), aa_setfont(3), aa_getevent(3), aa_getkey(3), aa_resize(3), aa_resizehandler(3), aa_parseoptions(3), aa_edit(3), aa_createedit(3), aa_editkey(3), aa_putpixel(3), aa_recommendhikbd(3), aa_recommendlowkbd(3), aa_recommendhimouse(3), aa_recommendlowmouse(3), aa_recommendhidisplay(3), aa_recommendlowdisplay(3)

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