DMD.CONF(5) Digital Mars D DMD.CONF(5)

dmd.conf - configuration file for 0


dmd will look for the initialization file dmd.conf in the directory /etc. If found, environment variable settings in the file will override any existing settings.

This is handy to make dmd independent of programs with conflicting use of environment variables.

Environment variables follow the [Environment] section heading, in name=value or name?=value pairs. Comments are lines that start with ;. Variable names are always converted to uppercase, so if you use name=value, actually the variable with name NAME will be written. If the name?=value syntax is used, the variable with NAME will only be written if it was defined before (in that case the original value is preserved).

; dmd.conf file for dmd

; Names enclosed by %% are searched for in the existing environment

; and inserted. The special name %@P% is replaced with the path

; to this file.




dmd(1) rdmd(1)

2006-03-12 Digital Mars